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Interagency Safeguarding Children ProceduresNottinghamshire Safeguarding Children Board (NSCB)
Nottingham City Safeguarding Children Board (NCSCB)


June 2017

Updated Chapters
Chapter Name Details

Responding to Abuse and Neglect

Additional information has been added with regard to "peer on peer" abuse and the definition of "abuse" has been expanded in line with Working Together (2015) and Keeping Children Safe in Education 2016.

Child Protection Conferences

This chapter has been updated to include further detail was added about Looked After Children who may be subject to child protection plans and child protection conferences. A new section 'Electronic and digital recording' [of meetings], which may include Child Protection Case Conferences or other safeguarding meetings, has been added. This chapter has also been updated to note Law Society guidance 'Attendance of Solicitors at Local Authority Children Act Meetings' and the 'Related Code of Conduct (2011)' where the child or family who attend reviews are supported by a legal representative.

Disabled Children

This chapter has been updated to include a section on allegations of abuse carried out by an employee, agency worker, volunteer or student against a disabled child or young person.

Female Genital Mutilation

This chapter has been updated with information about the four types of FGM as defined by WHO. Links have been added to both the new Home Office FGM protection orders factsheet; and to the guidance to the 'Statement opposing female genital mutilation'.

Forced Marriage

A link to the International Child Abduction and Contact Unit has been added to the Further information section.

Children Missing from Care, Home and Education

This chapter replaces one which looked at the risk of children missing from education and has been extended to include all missing children. A new Section 3, Key Contacts, Roles and Responsibilities has been added from the local protocol.

Self-Harm and Suicidal Behaviour

This chapter has been updated with information about emergency contact details for local hospitals and CAMHS and an updated list of organisations which offer further help and advice.

Sexually Harmful Behaviour

This chapter has been amended to include a link to the Brook Sexual Behaviours Traffic Light Tool.

Trafficked Children

This chapter has been updated with a link to the Home Office Circular on the factsheet and posters on Modern Slavery; duty to notify Act 2015 and the Modern Slavery victims: referral and assessment forms and a link to the International Child Abduction and Contact Unit.

Unexpected Death of a Child

This chapter has been updated with a link to guidance from the Royal College of pathologists on care and investigation in cases of unexpected death in infancy and childhood.

New Chapters and Features
Chapter Name Details

Modern Slavery

This chapter sets out guidance on how to identify and respond to a child or young person where there are concerns that they are a victim or a potential victim of modern slavery.


This chapter has been added to provide consistent multi-agency advice on the recognition and risks when working with neglectful families.

Dangerous Dogs and Safeguarding Children

The aim of this chapter is to assist practitioners in assessing the risk of children being seriously injured by dogs that are prohibited, dangerous or badly looked after by their owners.

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