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Interagency Safeguarding Children ProceduresNottinghamshire Safeguarding Children Board (NSCB)
Nottingham City Safeguarding Children Board (NCSCB)

Additional Resources

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Additional Procedures
Title: When Inserted:
Children missing from Home and Care joint protocol May 2016
Child Sexual Exploitation (CSE) Practice Guidance February 2017
Emotional Abuse - guidance for practitioners January 2017
Child Neglect May 2016
Safeguarding Children and Young People from Sexual Exploitation January 2017
Guidance to support practitioners working with Sexual Abuse May 2016
Safeguarding babies at birth and young infants where the risks are too great to leave them in the care of their parents May 2016
Safeguarding Children with Drug and Alcohol Using Parents May 2016
Guidance in relation to Children and Domestic Violence May 2016
Safeguarding Children and Young People who may be affected by gang activities May 2016
Title: When Inserted:
Agency report to Initial / Review Child Protection Conferences (Nottinghamshire) May 2016
Agency report for an initial or review Child Protection conference (Nottingham City) May 2016
Assessment template for Emotional Harm May 2016
Serious Incident Review/Serious Case Review referral form May 2016
Serious Incident Review/Serious Case Review initial request for information pro forma May 2016
DASH form for domestic abuse risk assessment November 2016
Title: When Inserted:
Protocol for Children's Assessment (Nottingham City) May 2016
CSE Multi-Agency Risk Assessment Tool February 2017
CSE Procedures Flowchart (City) 2016
CSE Procedures Flowchart (County) 2017
Guidance for Practitioners in using Chronologies and Genograms May 2016
Bruising in Pre-Mobile Babies August 2017
Title: When Inserted:
Information Leaflets
Title: When Inserted:
Excellence in Safeguarding Practice Guidance Notes May 2016
Support for those Sexually Abused in Childhood September 2017
Guidance for License Applicants May 2016
Title: When Inserted:
Local Contacts May 2016
Contact information for medical examinations in cases of Child Abuse May 2016
Standards of Proficiency - Social Workers in England (HCPC Guidance) May 2016