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Interagency Safeguarding Children ProceduresNottinghamshire Safeguarding Children Partnership (NSCP)
Nottingham City Safeguarding Children Partnership (NCSCP)

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This contents list is sub divided into the following sections, each Section contains relevant Chapters/Procedures: (Click on the title to jump to the Section you require):

  1. Core Safeguarding Procedures
  2. Safeguarding Guidance
  3. Safeguarding Partnership Arrangements (Roles and Responsibilities)
  4. Appendices and Protocols

1. Core Safeguarding Procedures

  Recognising Abuse and Neglect Updated
  Safeguarding Unborn Babies Updated
  Child Protection Enquiries  
  Child Protection Conferences  
  Child Protection Plans  
  Movement of Children Subject to a Child Protection Plan between Local Authorities  
  Allegations Against Staff or Volunteers  
  Organised and Complex Abuse  
  Historical and Non-Recent Abuse  
  Information Sharing  
  Guidance for Safe Recruitment, Selection and Retention for Staff and Volunteers  

2. Safeguarding Guidance

These Safeguarding Guides have been written to capture the most significant points to ensure that the content is accessible to a wide, multi-agency readership. More detailed Guidance is in the Local Resources section and is linked from the relevant Safeguarding Guides.

NOTE: All Safeguarding Practice Guidance should be read in conjunction with: Good Practice Supporting the Voice of the Child Procedure.

  Bruising in Babies and Young Children  
  Child Abuse Linked to Faith or Belief  
  Child and Adolescent to Parent Violence and Abuse (CAPVA)  
  Child Criminal Exploitation  
  Children from Abroad, including Victims of Modern Slavery, Trafficking and Exploitation Updated
  Children Living Away from Home  
  Children Missing from Home and Care Joint Protocol  
  Child Sexual Abuse  
  Child Sexual Exploitation  
  Child Sexual Abuse in the Family Environment New
  Disabled Children  
  Domestic Abuse Updated
  Fabricated or Induced Illness  
  Female Genital Mutilation Updated
  Forced Marriage  
  Good Practice in Core Groups  
  Harmful Sexual Behaviour (HSB) Updated
  'Honour' Based Abuse  
  Online Safety Updated
  Parents who Misuse Substances  
  Parents with Mental Health Problems  
  Parents with Learning Difficulties  
Radicalisation and Violent Extremism Updated
  Safeguarding and Licensed Premises  
  Self-Harm and Suicidal Behaviour Updated
  Transitional Safeguarding - under review  
  Underage Sexual Activity  
  Visits to Psychiatric Wards and Facilities by Children  
  Visits to Prisons by Children  
  Working with Interpreters and others with Special Communication Skills  

3. Safeguarding Partnership Arrangements (Roles and Responsibilities)

  Agency Roles and Responsibilities Updated
  Learning and Improvement Model  
  Child Safeguarding Practice Reviews  
  Child Death Review Procedures  
  Learning and Development Strategy and Quality Assurance  

4. Appendices and Protocols



  Local Contacts  
  Excellence in Safeguarding Practice - Guidance Notes  
  Information for Medical Examination  
  Professional Standards - Social Workers in England (Social Work England Guidance)  


  Resolving Professional Disagreements (Escalation Procedure)  
  Bruising in Babies Flowchart  
  Nottingham City Protocol for Children's Assessment  
  Licensing Act 2003: Guidance for License Applicants